Monthly Archives: July 2013

Things I learned in St. Louis……


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present at a character education conference in St. Louis.  I met some wonderful people, and heard some fantastic speakers!  One thing was clear, there are a lot of dedicated professionals out there who want to make life easier for kids!  I am looking forward to the school year starting, so that I can implement some of the new things that I learned, and also continue utilizing some of the strategies that I use (that were validated at the conference)!!!

1. Greet each student at the door each morning- Welcome them into the room, and let them know you are prepared for a new day. 

2. Give the students time to reflect on their evening/weekend- Implement a “For the Good of the Group” sharing time. 

3. Incorporate a variety of literature into teaching.  Literature is an invaluable resource.  Kids can make so many connections with the books that you read.  

4. Parents play a huge role in the education of the their children.  Make sure to involve them frequently.  Solicit their feedback, and encourage their participation. 


Advice about bullying……


Even with school out for the summer, I continually see articles throughout the newspaper about bullying! This is an epidemic that we need to do something about.  Adults need to be aware of the this problem and need to take on the responsibility for educating the youth that they come into contact with about the effects of bullying.  Bullying is present in every environment that children find themselves immersed in- whether it is cyberspace, the playground, or the baseball field.  Take some time to observe the way children are treating one another.  How does your child respond in different situations?  Have you participated in conversations with your child about how to handle bullying situations?  It is recommended that if you have not engaged in conversations yet, it is a good time to start!