Things I learned in St. Louis……


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present at a character education conference in St. Louis.  I met some wonderful people, and heard some fantastic speakers!  One thing was clear, there are a lot of dedicated professionals out there who want to make life easier for kids!  I am looking forward to the school year starting, so that I can implement some of the new things that I learned, and also continue utilizing some of the strategies that I use (that were validated at the conference)!!!

1. Greet each student at the door each morning- Welcome them into the room, and let them know you are prepared for a new day. 

2. Give the students time to reflect on their evening/weekend- Implement a “For the Good of the Group” sharing time. 

3. Incorporate a variety of literature into teaching.  Literature is an invaluable resource.  Kids can make so many connections with the books that you read.  

4. Parents play a huge role in the education of the their children.  Make sure to involve them frequently.  Solicit their feedback, and encourage their participation. 


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